2021 Virtual Student Case Competition 

Timeline & Rules

2021 Case Competition Timeline & Competition Schedule

November 1, 2020 Registration open for graduate and undergraduate teams
February 1, 2021 Team registration submission deadline
February 2, 2021 Written case is released to advisors of registered teams

Competition Schedule:

February – March 2021 A bi-weekly series of webinars will be available both live and on-demand for case competition participants.
The first will be with the case company and the others will be with sponsors about how to use various trade
resources in international business, especially for researching markets and potential partners
April 5, 2021 Team presentation recordings (30-minute limit) and executive summaries due
April 14, 2021 Finalist teams announced
April 19-23, 2021 Live virtual sessions with each finalist team and judges
April 28, 2021 Undergraduate and graduate case competition winners announced during live virtual session



Team Eligibility & Case Competition Rules

  • The 2021 NASBITE International Student Case Competition is open to teams from colleges and universities that offer an academic business degree program at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.
  • For the undergraduate competition, teams must consist of a minimum of three, and a maximum of four, undergraduate level students, plus one instructor. These student team members must be currently-enrolled undergraduate students pursuing a business, international, or related degree. For the graduate team competition, teams must consist of at least two or a maximum of three graduate-level business students.
  • By participating in the Case Competition, all team members agree to keep confidential all information received from the company as part of the case.
  • Presentations, presentation files and videos, and written summaries of presentations become the exclusive property of sponsoring case company and NASBITE International.
  • To be eligible to receive the case, advisors must complete and submit a Team Registration Form and submit payment of the full $250 Team Registration fee to NASBITE International no later than February 1, 2021.
  • Case presentations will be judged in accordance with a scoring rubric. The scoring rubric will be distributed with the written case and will be used by a panel of judges. Each case presentation will be viewed by at least two judges, whose scores are averaged together to decide which teams will advance to the finals. The case company representative(s), with input from the other judges, selects the winning team from among the finalists. Teams are recognized as participants or as finalists but are otherwise not publicly ranked.
  • Students must not receive any paid professional advice, critiques, or assistance in the development of their written case entry. However, students are permitted guidance from their faculty instructors, advisors, and professors to develop the team case/presentation, and may seek and use information from publicly-available, non-paid sources to develop their case/presentation. Further, resources that require subscriptions may be used by teams if those resources are provided by their school libraries or by their school-associated business assistance centers, and only if those resources would be available at no cost to students or to businesses in the community receiving assistance from the centers.
  • Neither students nor instructors may directly contact the corporate sponsor, its marketing or advertising agencies, or any company specifically highlighted by the sponsor. All teams will have the opportunity to participate in a live webinar with the case company in early February 2021 and to submit written follow-up questions to the case competition coordinator to be shared with the case company. It is entirely at the discretion of the case company whether these questions are answered and whether the answers are shared with other teams or just with the team asking the question.

Presentations may be video/audio recorded and/or live streamed by NASBITE International. Teams registered for the Case Competition provide their consent for their image and/or voice to be recorded and used by NASBITE International for the purposes of judges’ review, broadcasting the competition and promoting future competitions.

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