NASBITE International Awards Program

NASBITE International is committed to advancing international trade by acknowledging professionals in the field that have demonstrated excellence in developing innovative programs and practices that improve international trade. Their successful achievements are honored through the presentation of annual Awards.

Award nominations may be submitted by anyone but must be submitted no later than Friday, April 16, 2021 to be considered for the 2021 Awards Program.

Award nominees are encouraged to attend the 2021 Annual Conference and participate in the Awards Ceremony announcements to be made on May 20, 2021.

NASBITE Award Categories & Nomination Forms

Advancing International Trade Award:

 This award recognizes the dedication and service of those who are advancing international trade in each state in the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. These awards may be given to an organization, entity or to a person for individual leadership and commitment to improving the practice of global business on a state or regional level. Award winners (programs or individuals) must have contributed to the advancement of international trade for four or more years. One award will be given per state, per year. Nominations may only be made by a NASBITE International Board Member. The nomination form is available here.

Program Excellence Awards: 

These awards recognize outstanding and innovative developments in the area of international education, counseling, training, trade promotion and research. They are given for specific programs developed by public or private sector trade-related organizations or educational institutions to meet a particular identified need. In recognizing these initiatives, NASBITE is seeking to provide models for others to emulate. Please note that this award is not intended for comprehensive programs composed of a number of components, rather it is intended to for specific/focused trade-related initiatives such as a particular trade mission or a specific training program. Awards will be presented in two categories: Educational Programs and Outreach Programs. Educational programs include innovative courses or modules with a trade-related focus, and Outreach Programs include initiatives that are targeted towards the trade-related needs of the business community.

Award nomination narratives should describe the program including; longevity, its strengths, and its impact on students, the institution, the community, region, state, nation, or international region and/or business and industry. The program must be ongoing, have a history of demonstrated success, be replicable by other institutions or organizations, and have fostered strategic partnerships and external alliances in program development..

The nomination form is available here.

International Trade Educator of the Year Award:

The purpose of this award is to recognize innovation and excellence in international trade curriculum development, research, program development, and/or advocacy of international business issues. In giving this award, NASBITE is seeking to honor and highlight the significant contributions of the recipient in expanding and improving the practice of global business so that others might follow.

Award nomination narratives should address how the nominee:

  • Has produced tangible outcomes, such as curriculum products/services, and/or economic development programs (include program samples or verification from others who have used or are familiar with the material).
  • Exhibits professional skills demonstrating comprehensive and current knowledge in the field (to include presentations at conferences, publications and/or research)
  • Supports innovative and creative approaches in their work and serves as a catalyst for other programs.
  • Demonstrates unusual commitment to international education; leadership or mentorship.
  • Has made a significant contribution to the field and breadth of impact across their career.

The nomination form is available here.

Nominations must be submitted no later than
Friday, April 16, 2021 to be considered for the
2021 Awards Program

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