34th Annual NASBITE International Annual Conference

May 18-20, 2021
Virtual Delivery

The NASBITE International Annual Conference provides a rich forum for learning and networking across a broad spectrum of topics related to international business, trade and trade education.

These events draw from all segments of the global business community including: trade educators and administrators; federal, state and local trade assistance professionals; exporters and importers; other businesses that support or facilitate international trade finance, logistics, and compliance; and students.

NASBITE Conferences are known for their “take-away” value and networking opportunities. Registrants not only share and learn from the many sessions offered on all aspects of global business, but also have the opportunity to network with peers, find out who’s doing what, hear about best practices in trade education and trade assistance, and discover new skills and approaches in export development and marketing.



For those who are interested, NASBITE International encourages submissions that fall into several categories:

  • Best practices in international business or international trade education;
  •  Tools and resources for teaching international business or international trade;
  • Best practices in international trade training;
  • Tools and resources for international trade training
  • Best practices in continuing education
  • New developments in topics such as compliance, documentation, and government regulations.

Additionally, NEW for 2021 are these thematic areas of interest:

  • Internet and E-Commerce in international business;
  • Website traffic generation via social media , blogs, website SEO, etc.;
  • Website analytics and website conversions (email capture, lead generation, online sales, etc.);
  • Website internationalization;
  • Market research tools;
  • New tools for exporting companies;
  • Best practices in a Covid 19 environment.

Submit your presentation here  before Feb. 17, 2021.

Here is what past NASBITE Annual Conference attendees have told us:

NASBITE International conferences offer excellent opportunities to connect, learn and share best practices for those trying to promote and expand international trade and education.

Everyone in international trade–whether education, support services, or direct trade, should attend the NASBITE conference on a regular basis to stay on top of the changes and trends.

For an export professional it is a must! Get your CGBP and attend to meet folks who are very successful at exporting and educating their clients.

CGBPs Earn Recertification Credits!

CGBPs (Certified Global Business Professionals) attending the Annual Conference will earn enough Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to qualify for recertification and the CEUs will be applied automatically to the certification records of confirmed attendees! CGBPs may also pay their annual $75 recertification fee and NASBITE Membership Fees when they register for the Annual Conference.